A Proven Track Record of Crosscultural Teaching and Writing



I have taught crosscultural writing and thinking skills full-time for 31 years in college and for nine in high school. I have been nationally honored four times for teaching, I  was named as one of  America's  78 best educators, and I  won Alaska's  first award for excellence in distance education.  Many of my college prep students have graduated from America's  most prestigious universities. 


Face-to-Face and

Online Teaching

Inservice Instruction

My classes are models of diversity of content and cognition. I use an interdisciplinary content approach and meld Western culture’s thinking style with those of  non-Western cultures. The result strengthens students' analytical abilities by giving them additional cognitions they can consciously access.  Students become problem solvers and communicators, not just someone who "writes."

Writing Samples --

My methods dramatically raise students' writing, critical thinking, and creative thinking skills -- often several years' worth in a few weeks -- regardless of the student's age, ability, or academic interests.

For instance, my students from an Eskimo whaling village on a blizzard-swept island in the Bering Sea won three national championships in academics.

Click on "The Arctic Educational Miracle," above, for the story.

I am  a former technical writer and science magazine editor-in-chief. My fifth novel won the Bram Stoker Award (the Oscar of horror writing). I also won  four international screenwriting awards, and  I three times was a finalist for the Nebula and Hugo, the Oscars of science fiction and fantasy. My book of creative nonfiction was a national finalist for the year's best book about education.